The PDF I use to track over 50 Tribes!

40% of my traffic comes from Tribes ~ This Spreadsheet Helps Me Evaluate Them


This is how the Tribes Tracker spreadsheet can help YOU:

  • This is the same spreadsheet I use to track over 50 Tribes!
  • 40% of my blog traffic comes from Tribes (my Dec blog traffic was 45K for month 3)
  • Have an easy system to keep your Tribes organized
  • Learn how to evaluate which are your best and which ones to drop
  • Easily keep track of Tribe rules on one spreadsheet
  • Get tips from me to help making Tribes quicker to use
  • This spreadsheet can help you whether you're in 5 Tribes or 50
  • Plus you'll receive valuable blogging tips related to Pinterest, Tailwind Tribes and blogging directly to your email 2-3 times/month



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