And YES!! Even With a New Blog or NO Pinterest Followers!

Are you frustrated at not getting added to high quality Pinterest group boards?

You WANT to make money with your blog and possibly even work from home full-time, but YOU AREN’T GETTING THE BLOG TRAFFIC YOU NEED to start monetizing your business.

You already know using Pinterest is the key to getting massive amounts of blog traffic.

You know joining tons of high-quality Pinterest group boards are the key to getting your content seen on Pinterest, but group board owners aren't adding you!

I hear ya and I've experienced the EXACT same thing! Getting SEEN on Pinterest is TOUGH these days with the Pinterest algorithm changes

Well, I found ANOTHER WAY to get seen on Pinterest that can also drive TONS of traffic to your blog—WITHOUT relying on Pinterest group boards!

This is for you if...

You're a beginning blogger who isn't getting any traffic from Pinterest

You've been blogging for awhile now and you aren't getting the traffic you deserve from Pinterest and you're frustrated!

You're an experienced blogger who already has an awesome strategy in place, but you still love to learn about new blogging methods and tools


Hey there! We're Jen and Madi, we blog at Hairs Out of Place

Listen to our story.....

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    Tribes has literally been a GAME CHANGER with our blog, and we TRULY wouldn’t be getting the traffic we do if it wasn’t for Tailwind Tribes
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    In the first 3 months of blogging, Tailwind Tribes was the source of up to 40% of our blog traffic and some weeks even sent us 50% of our blog pageviews!
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    We ONLY started with 34 Pinterest followers and had a Pinterest reach over 2 MILLION by the 2nd month! Yes, small blogs CAN get TONS of traffic from Pinterest!  
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    In the first month we received over 11K blog pageviews, month 2 was close to 30K and by month 3 (Dec. 2017) we had over 46K blog pageviews!

Let's Get Tribes Working for You Today!

"Jen's Tailwind Tribes strategy is priceless~ In this book she goes through every single detail that she has done to grow her brand new blog from 0 pageviews to over 46,000/mo in just 3 months!

As an experienced blogger, I have to share with you that this strategy works! My traffic from Pinterest is up by 40% just using Jen's strategies in this book. Even better--so is my income! My tripwires are converting better because I'm using Tailwind Tribes and Jen's strategy to promote my opt-ins offers.

If you want serious traffic from Pinterest, this book is a must-have for you!"

Jen Synder, CEO of Women Winning Online 

Get instant access to TRIBES FOR TRAFFIC now!


Exactly how to get started if your new to Tailwind or Tribes

Learn how Tribes can help YOU!

Ways to find Great Tribes that increase blog traffic

How to keep track of your Tribes

How to analyze your Tribe stats to see how they're working for you

HOW to calculate your Tribes virality score and why knowing this is CRITICAL with Tribes

25 of my BEST Tribes for you to join!

The EXACT pinning strategy I use 

Tribes best practices to follow that also help you get more re-shares

Solutions to common Tribe questions

How to become an affiliate! You receive 40% commission from every book you sell!


"As someone who is technically inclined, I am often disappointed as to how basic most internet marketing books are. Jen’s Tribes for Traffic was very refreshing, all meat and potatoes, no fluff. This book will take you straight from beginner to her advanced strategy in gaining large amounts of measurable traffic just by using Tailwind Tribes. I took the afternoon, as soon as I got the book, to implement all Jen’s suggestions as I read along and in less than 24 hours I was seeing more shares and re-pins. Thank you, Jen! "

Casey Stinchcombe at Welcome to the One Percent

"Like Jen, I've been using Tribes since it was launched. And it was okay, I saw a bit of traffic and was a member of a few Tribes. Then I started to learn from Jen and the strategies she was using (all of which are in this brilliant book). I've upgraded, added more Tribes and am already starting to see more repins and clicks. And I also have a system to monitor those Tribes and see which ones are working for me. If you want to get traffic from Pinterest (and who doesn't) this is what you need!"

Angela Tempest, Pinterest Manager and Owner of Skylark Virtual Services

"OH MY GOSH. The Tribe Tracker Spreadsheet. GOLD. GOLD. GOLD."

Alyssa Smith at Plan Like a Mom

No One Used to Visit My Blog Either....

Before I started using Tribes, my blog was getting only 10-15 pageviews per day ~ it was so discouraging! Before launching  Hairs Out of Place, I spent two solid months researching everything I THOUGHT I needed to do to get blog traffic, Pinterest strategy and making money with a blog. My plan was to have the blog looking professional from the day it launched.   The crickets I heard after launching the blog honestly made me want to quit and I seriously questioned whether this was the right business path for me. 

Thankfully, I remembered pinning a Tailwind post about the new Tribes beta program and after devouring every single word of it, I realized I was definitely on the right track with my Pinterest strategy!

After throwing all of my energy into figuring out Tailwind Tribes, within 24 hours, blog traffic increased 10X! I  instantly started getting over 150 pageviews daily from Tribes the very next day! I was hooked! And while I know Pinterest group boards are a great option to get traffic, Tribes AND group boards have helped me grow EVEN FASTER. 

I'd heard getting traffic with Pinterest was much harder after the algorithm changes ~ boy, were they ever right! I want to help YOU figure out Pinterest marketing with Tailwind Tribes and want YOU to get tons of traffic too! 


Here's What You Get!

42 pages of detailed Tailwind Tribes help

Tribes traffic tips for ANY level of blogger
The exact pinning strategy I use to do well with Tribes

Spreadsheets to help you keep track of Tribes

Tons of detailed examples to help increase your blog traffic

A list of 25 AMAZING Tribes 

Solutions to common Tribe questions

And so much more!!

Tribes for Traffic is a great resource for people who know they are missing out on traffic from Tailwind Tribes, but don't know where to start.  Jen gives step by step info to get started and be successful in Tribes in simple and easy to understand language.  My favorite part was being able to know which Tribes were good Tribes for me, so I stopped wasting my time on Tribes that weren't bringing in traffic to my site. If you are looking to increase traffic to your site, then you need this book!

Surya Chronister at The Busy Mom Club

"Tribes for Traffic is fantastic as it lays out exactly what to do in an easy to follow format. I was a complete novice, and it really helped me understand how to make Tribes work for my blog. Thank you so much!"

Sue Holloway at Successful Expats

"This book was a huge help in helping me understand what Tailwind Tribes would actually do for me. Jen has a step by step method on how to set up your free trial of Tailwind and Tribes,  how to find Tribes and tips galore about using Tribes. This book got me very excited to delve deeper into Tailwind Tribe and this is a must-have book for all new bloggers using Tailwind Tribes. I learned a lot from this book and you will too!! This is a valuable resource to have as a blogger!! Jen was very helpful to me when I had questions regarding Tailwind Tribes and she was very nice to let me contact her with any questions. If she ever does Pinterest coaching services, consider hiring her to help you!!"

Holly Truitt at Full-time Homeschool Mom

Here's What Happens Next!

After purchasing Tribes for Traffic, you’ll receive an instant download with your eBook.

Plus, I’ll be checking back with you soon to see if you have any questions and how I can help you with your Tribes strategy!

And for purchasing Tribes for Traffic, you’ll receive lifetime updates sent directly to you for no extra cost! As I learn new tips or add more spreadsheets, you’ll automatically get those too!

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